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Analytical Balances: Definition, Types, Uses & Parts

Analytical balances belong to a class of very sophisticated and precise measuring devices. These highly sensitive instruments find countless applications in research centers and laboratories. These balances are extremely reliable for measuring the mass/weight of very small objects both in solid and liquid forms. This has made them popular in a variety of fields including […]

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History of Biryani: From Royal Courts to Kitchen Tables

Biryani, an extremely delectable Indian cuisine, is a blend of aromatic spices, flavors, and a rich history. This iconic dish has graced tables worldwide, and every true food lover finds it a treat for their eyes and palates. Biryani has a rich history spanning across centuries and various cultures and civilizations. From the royal courts […]

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What is BMI and Why It Matters for Your Health

BMI, or body mass index, is simply a ratio between your height and weight. Knowing your BMI, you can easily assess whether your height and weight are in a healthy proportion or not. If your BMI is above or below the normal range, it makes you prone to various health risks, including diabetes, high blood […]

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