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Electronic health monitor device with dimension of 58 mm (length) x 36 mm (breath) x 34 mm (height)
OLED screen display with dimensions 22 mm x 12 mm
Multi colour digit display
Enclosed 2 batteries with AAA type for immediate use
Net weight of 54 g
Warranty 12 months

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  • Consistent and Reliable Oximeter Useful for Monitoring Oxygen Saturation (Spo2), Heart Rate (Pulse) And Perfusion Index (Pi)
  • Particular Suitable for Person with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases – Bronchial Asthma – Sport Enthusiast
  • Measures Oxygen Level: 70~ 99%
  • Measures Pulse Rate: 30 ~ 250 Bpm with Waveform
  • Measure Perfusion Index: 0.02 ~ 20%
  • 4 Colour OLED Display: Easy to Read In Any Light
  • Ergonomic Design: Comfortable and Easy Fit with Medical Grade Silicon Padding
  • Multi Application: Medical, Sports, Aviation,
  • Single Button Operation
  • Auto Shut Down If No Pulse Detected
  • Portable and Light Weight: Convenient to Carry.
  • Built in Gravity Sensor: Enables You to View In All Directions
  • Strong Slip Resistant Clip
  • No Pricking, Non-Invasive


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