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Commercial Table Top Weighing Scale | Multiple Operation Modes | Titan-E

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(Inclusive of Lithium-Ion battery, Legal metrology stamping fees, Ready for commercial use and GST@18%)

A Table Top Scale, – is a small scale that can fit on top of a work station or ‘work bench’. Electronic table top scales are used for smaller weighing needs and more intricate processes, where the operator needs to be closer to the scale itself. Table top scale applications range from simple weighing, mixing, counting, weight accumulation and simple print outs. The TITAN – E compact scales range offers a wide choice to meet almost every requirement. Large, bright displays and a large SS304 weighing pan ensure comfortable user operation.

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1. Rugged And Easy To Use Design
The body which is made entirely of Industrial Grade ABS – is rugged and easy to maintain. It can be easily cleaned with damp cloth. Soft Touch key operation with SS304 stainless Steel Pan.

2. Bright Display with Symbols
TITAN – E has Super Bright GREEN LED display of size 25 mm in the front and 25 mm in the rear. The battery and other symbols enables the user to easily identify the modes the scale is operation in. Even when the instrument is placed in a dark or low light environment, the bright LED displays the clear and exact weight.

3. Compact Design
The lowered overall height (130 mm) improves the work efficiency by facilitating the loading/unloading of objects to and from the weighing tray.

4. Dual Power Sources
Operates on rechargeable battery that allow it to be operate anywhere. The USB-C adaptor also enables it to be connected to a wall socket.
* Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery (DC7.4 V, 1200 mAH) for estimated backup for 10 to 12 hours of continuous usage (if battery is fully charged)
* Power saving function is there in the scale, which reduces the brightness of the LED when the scale is not used for a certain time (user settable)

5. High Mobility
Thanks to rechargeable battery operation, compact, lightweight construction, it is suitable for the use in several locations (production, warehouse, dispatch department, etc.)

6. Spirit Level Indicator
The spriti level indicator in the TITAN – E is placed under the weighing pan and this helps the user to ensure the weighing scale is in perfect level. Maintaining level is important because the accuracy of the scale depends on the object being placed on a level surface.

7. Different Operation Modes
This TITAN – E weighing scale is powered not just for your weighing but also for Piece Counting, Weight Accumulation and Simple Print Functions.


Model Capacity Readability
Titan 5/7.5 kg 0.5/1 g
Titan 10 kg 1 g
Titan 10/20 kg 1/2 g
Titan 20/30 kg 2/5 g
  • Physical Dimension – 256.5 x 266.5 x 121 mm
  •  Net Weight – 2.4 kg approx.
  •  Weight Sensor – Aluminium Loadcell
  •  Input range of loadcell – 0 to 10 mV
  •  Resolution – 1/10000
  •  Keypad – 5 keys
  •  Display Type – Custom Super Bright Green LED
  •  No. of Display Windows – Dual Display (Front & Rear)
  •  Front Display – LED – 25 mm digit height
  •  Rear Display – LED – 25 mm digit height
  •  Calibration Method – External Calibration
  •  Power Connector – 3 pin Adaptor – Type C – 5 V, 1 A
  •  Power Supply – 110 to 230 V AC 47-63 Hz
  •  Operating Temperature – 0 deg to 50 deg
  •  Battery Capacity – Lithium Ion – 7.4 V, 1200 mAh
  •  SI Units – g, kg, l (Litre)
  •  Communication Interface – RS232
  1. Frequently Asked Questions 
    • What are the variants available ?
    1. LCD variant  which is named as TITAN-C.
    2. LED variant  which is named as TITAN-E.


    • What is the Pan MOC & Size ?

         The Pan MOC is of SS 304  & Pan size is 250 x 195 mm.


    • What is the display colour of LCD and what is the display colour 

    of LED? 

    1. LCD Colour – Orange.
    2. LED Colour – Green.
    • What are the capacity ranges available?

         10 kg x 1 g and 20/30 kg x 2/5 g


    • What are the communication interface ports available?

    RS232 port.


    • What are the devices that can be connected to the scale      

    through RS232?

    Below are the devices can be connected to Titan:

    1. Portable Thermal Printer (RD EK 32S Model Printer for label & receipt)
    2. Computer (Only Weight will be transmitted)

    (At a time any one can be connected)


    •  What is the standard data/string format that can be transmitted      

     through RS232 to the computer? 

    +001.000 kg (For example, if 1 kg is kept in the weighing scale)


    • Can we transmit only the numerical value of weight through RS232 

    to PC?

    Yes we can transmit 001.000 only (For example, if 1 kg is kept in the 

    weighing scale)

    *Leading zero before 1.000 can also be disabled in the settings is required.


    • What is the display size & digit size of the Titan Table Top Models ?


    1. Titan Table Top LCD Model (TITAN-C) :

    Front & Rear Display size : 128 x 32 mm

    Digit Size : 25 mm

    1. Titan Table Top LED Model (TITAN-E) :

    Digit Size : 25 mm

         *This display size and digit height are common for Front & Rear display.


    •  What is the charging time & discharging time of the battery?

    Charging time for both Titan Table Top models : 3 hrs approx.

    Discharging time for Titan Table Top – LCD model is 11 hrs approx.

    Discharging time for Titan Table Top – LED model is 12 hrs approx.

    *These are tentative time duration based on testings. 


    •  Can this scale operate with battery?

    Yes, this scale can be operated using lithium ion battery 

    (7.4V, 1200 mAH)

    • Can IQ, OQ, PQ, DQ documents provided with scale?

    Yes, we can provide IQ, OQ, PQ, DQ documents on demand, if the

    customer is in need of these documents than please mention it in the

           sales order.


    • Where this product can be recommended?

    Retail shops, Industries etc.


    • What is the MOC of the scale?

    Industrial ABS Plastic.


    • Can we recommend this scale to washable applications?



    • What are the accessories that comes along with the scale?
    1. Adaptor –  5 V, 1 A (C type) – 1 No.
    2. User manual – 1 No.


    •  What are the functions available in this scale?
    1. Simple weighing
    2. Accumulation 
    3. Piece counting
    4. Litre conversion 


    • What are the default SI units available?

    g, kg, L.

    • RS232 port pin details 

    Pin 1 : Ground

    Pin 2 : RX

    Pin 3 : TX

             * We use 3 pin round connector.

    • How many Print formats available in Scale ?

    Titan Table Top scale can print 3 print formats.

    Print Format 1 (FOR1) : Common for receipt paper and label paper

    Print Format 2 (FOR2) : Common for receipt paper and label paper

    Print Format 3 (FOR3) : Only for receipt paper (Accumulation mode)

       *Accumulation can be done till display reaches 999999  and 999 times

     we can accumulate. After that accumulation memory has to be cleared. 


    • Can we do customisation in the print format ?


           No. The font size, font type, alignment are fixed and factory set. 


    • Why the print format didn’t show the date and time ?


           This is because Titan Table Top don’t have the RTC.


    • Can we do accumulation in count mode or in litre ?


           Accumulation is possible only in simple weighing mode.


    • Whether unit conversion is available?


           Yes unit conversion is available for kg-g/g-kg/kg-L/L-kg/g-L/L-g


           Tare + N/G key has to be pressed simultaneously for unit conversion and unit 

    conversion is only to view the converted values and functions like zero, tare, 

    print etc will not work when the unit is converted. After few seconds, the 

    display will return to the default scale unit.


    • Does it have reprint facility ?



    • How many no. of copies can be printed at a time?

          Up to 9 copies. But we have to enter the no. of copies to be printed in the 

    settings. This is applicable for print format 1 and 2. 


    • Can we use any other printer with Titan other than RD-EK32S?

           We can use RD-DN-40 S and TVS RP45 dot matrix printers for the receipt print.

           But for label only RD-EK32 S has to be used. 

        (These printers are external table mount printers)


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