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When you talk about the physical health of a person, body water percentage often comes up as the most important measure. Water is among the top requirements for your body to keep working properly and that is why understanding body water percentage and then taking the steps to maintain the perfect balance is of paramount importance.

Water is crucial for your health since it regulates your body temperature, lubricates your joints, keeps your skin hydrated, maintains blood pressure, and flushes body waste. All these things show clearly how important water is for your body and why you need to understand body water percentage and its effects on your health.

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Here is all you need to know about body water percentage and its importance for your health:

  • What is Body Water Percentage?
  • Ideal Body Water Percentage
  • How Do You Calculate Your Body Water Percentage?
  • The Importance of Body Water Percentage for Your Health

What is Body Water Percentage?

Your body percentage is a measure of the total amount of water in your body which is expressed in terms of percentage of your total body weight. The human body should have at least 50% body water percentage for it to work properly and avoid dehydration. However, the percentage of water may differ based on the age, gender, and fitness level of the individual.

Newborn babies have three-fourths of their body weight consisting of water which makes it about 78%. After one year of age, this percentage reduces to 65%.

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Adult men have a body water percentage of about 60% while women tend to have a lower body water percentage of about 55%. This difference is because women have more fatty tissues that have lower water content.

People who exercise and keep their body weight in check using personal scales have high fitness and thus a higher body water percentage since their muscles are lean and there are minimum fat cells.

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Ideal Body Water Percentage

Human body water percentage declines with age. However, it should stay above 50% at all times for the healthy functioning of your mind and body.

The ideal body water percentage for adult men varies between 50 and 65% while for women it is between 45 to 60%. For people with real athletic bodies, the ideal water percentage can be about 5% higher than an average adult. For babies, the ideal body water percentage is between 75 to 78% before one year of age.

The Calculation of Your Body Water Percentage

To find your normal body water percentage, you can either use an online body water calculator or use the Watson formula. You can compare the result with a body water percentage chart to figure out if you are in a healthy range or not.

Watson Total Body Water Formula for Men

2.447 – (0.09145 * age) + (0.1047 * height in cm) + (0.3362 * weight in kg) = Total Body Weight in liters 

Watson Total Body Water Formula for Women  

-2.097 + (0.1069 * height in cm) + (0.2466 * weight in kg) = Total Body Weight in liters

For finding the total body water percentage assume that 1kg equals 1litre and then divide the value of total body weight by your age.

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The Importance of Body Water Percentage for Your Health

The following points show why the best body water percentage matters for your health:

  1. Helps Avoid Dehydration

Dehydration occurs when the amount of water in your body is not sufficient. If not taken care of, it can lead to fatigue, dizziness, and headaches. By knowing your body water percentage, you can easily figure out whether there is a need for you to consume more fluids. This can help you avoid dehydration and its related side effects.

  1. Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight and Body Composition

Body water percentage can also help you stay lean and fit. It can indicate whether you are getting obese or not. If your body water percentage is very low then a smart weighing scale will probably show you are overweight and you need to cut down your diet and adopt a healthier lifestyle. This way it will be possible for you to maintain a healthy body shape and composition.

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  1. A Reliable Indicator of Your Overall Health

If your body water percentage is near the ideal value, it shows that you have a healthy body and that your diet is not creating any health risks for you. A low body water percentage means your body is being deprived of healthy vitamins, minerals, and proteins. It also shows you need to eat more vegetables and fruits in your diet which helps you stay fit.

  1. Helps you Figure Out Your Required Fluid Intake

If you don’t know how much fluid you need to consume in a day then you can look at your body water percentage and instantly figure it out. The amount of water you need to drink may differ based on age, gender, fitness, and activity.

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  1. Prevents Health Risks

There are several health risks associated with low body water percentage. They include heat strokes, cramps, urinary tract infections, blood pressure drops, imbalance of electrolytes in your body, and abnormally low oxygen levels in your body that can be potentially life-threatening.

All of these health conditions can be avoided if you are aware of your body water percentage. It can encourage you to take serious steps to improve your fitness and overall healthcare.


Your body water percentage is the direct measure of your health and fitness and that is why it should never be neglected. The ideal body water percentage for men, women, and children is not the same and it changes with age, gender, and your level of body fitness and activity.

In any case, you must strive to keep this percentage above 50 to enjoy better health. 

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Not keeping your body water percentage in check can affect your health negatively and can even lead to life-threatening illnesses. So, keep your body water percentage maintained to prevent that and to enjoy lasting health.

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