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Height & Weight Scale I Voice Broadcast Function | EHF7001A Series

Mega Offer: 17,999.00

Physical health monitor device with dimensions of 45 cm (length) x 34 cm (breath) x 190 cm (height)
Reverse LCD screen display with dimensions 120 mm x 67 mm and digit height of 35 mm
Black colour Backlight with white digit display
Enclosed 4 batteries with AAA type for immediate use
Net weight of 3900 g
Warranty 12 months

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  • Main Function: Weight, Height, Body Fat, Mother and Child Function. Voice Broadcast, Data Recording and Review
  • Measurement Items: Weight, Height, Fat Percentage, Visceral Fat, Water, Muscle, Bone, Obesity Value, BMI, Calories
  • Weight Measure Range: 3 – 200 kg, Weight Division: 50, +/- 300 g of Tolerance
  • Height Measure Range: 90 – 195 cm
  • Height Division: 0.5 cm, Tolerance +/- 1 cm, with Height Adjustment Function
  • Weight: Automatic Weighing, Continuous Weighing, Automatic Zero Tracking
  • Voice: Voice Broadcast Function (On or Off)
  • Useful in Gym, Sports Club, Hospital, Schools
  • Made in P.R.C.


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