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The love for food! As yummy as the experience is, it is also harmful to your body. However, it is not impossible to be a fit foodie and eat all that you like. Sounds next to the impossible right? It isn’t! There are just a few things to keep in mind while not sacrificing your love for food.

  1. Set a workout regime: If you are the kind to try everything on a new menu then you have to make it a point to work out. And no! Not the once a day 20 min HIIT. Rather divide your workout into three parts. The total should equal an hour and a half. Two 20 min high-intensity workouts and a 40 min strict weights regime. Remember every carb has a body part it sits on!
  2. Reduce your portion size: Yes, it’s important to try everything! But it isn’t important to finish the full plate. Reduce your portion size or better yet, share the dish with your partner in crime. Sharing is always caring!
  3. Compensate where you can: A Sunday brunch and binge are unavoidable but compensating for it is not! If you’ve had a heavy afternoon meal, then try compensating for your calorie intake at night. Go for a simple salad with little to no dressing and a good amount of protein. You don’t need to go to sleep on an empty stomach though.
  4. Cut out the sugar: You heard that right! No more sugar food lover! With all you are eating, your body gets enough sugar through carbs, fruits and drinks. You don’t need to add pounds to your body by eating that dessert. It’s a small sacrifice for the greater good!
  5. Balance it out: Lastly, it’s important to live a balanced life. While good food is the foundation of happiness, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t have to be healthy food. You don’t need to sacrifice that pizza craving but you also don’t need to overdo it with food high in fat and carbs. Strike a balance!

So, go enjoy those pancakes but make sure to compensate and eat right later!

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