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Eagle Scales is a leading brand from the house of EG Kantawalla that offers solutions for every weighing application. A humble beginning of importing weighing scales has today turned into a 100 year legacy of providing the finest quality products and long-standing customer relationships. We have made our mark as a forerunner in the industry with applaudable services and an extensive portfolio of products – from simple weighing to counting parts to bulk weighing, dynamic weighing and weighing your new-born baby to the calibration services that meet international standards.

Our journey began over a hundred years ago when a budding entrepreneur realized the importance of weighing. We are devoted to providing world-class services and products for three generations by keeping customers before profits. Our legacy of meeting the ever-changing and ever-growing demands of weighing today makes us one of the most reliable brands in this niche. 

When it comes to weighing, Eagle Scales is your one-stop partner! Our continuous development in weighing solutions has significantly contributed to many organizations’ growth & profits – by reducing the errors in their weighments, speeding up the weighing operations, long ROI periods, and most importantly, reducing downtime & thereby eliminating need for expenditure on costly repairs. We have forged long-lasting relationships with our customers by offering quality products and providing services, even for non-Eagle products.

Eagle Scales


To attain higher standards of Productivity, Quality, Profitability and Health pertaining to the facilitation of individuals and organizations associated with us.

Eagle Scales


Eagle Scales endeavours to be a pioneer in the field of weighing, across all sectors by providing unbeatable products and services, which continually meet and exceed customers’ expectations. We firmly believe in fostering strong relationships with all those who associate with us i.e. from our Support Team to our Partners and our Customers and many others associated with us in our path-breaking journey.



Since our inception, we have meticulously understood the growing importance of weighing in our everyday life. While unceasingly building our heritage with sustainability and innovation which is central to our thinking, we have turned perfectly aligned revolutionary ideas into sustainable practical solutions. Here’s a glimpse of our impeccable journey time-lined so far.

Our Products


Our impeccable products are sold and serviced in 24 countries around the globe. Every 3 seconds, an EAGLE scale is sold somewhere in the world!

We are undisputedly the leading players when it comes to any and every weighing solution. Our weighing scales and systems can be found in homes as well as professional kitchens, at your everyday grocer and all kinds of industries. We are everywhere, touching your lives in one way or the other.

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  •   Life Style SBU

Believing in the thought, “A healthy nation is an effective nation,” we offer internationally acclaimed products that keep you fit and healthy. Our range of lifestyle products are an ideal gift for someone you love, colleagues and for festive occasions as well as important events. EAGLE Life Style Scales can be bought from 5000+ outlets in Gujarat, Mumbai, Maharashtra. They are also available at modern trade giants like Reliance Digital, Hypercity, ABRL, etc. as well as online. Check out our lifestyle collection:

  •    Mechanical Personal Scale
  •    Electronic Personal Scale
  •    Body Fat / Hydrating Scales
  •    Mechanical Kitchen Scale
  •    Electronic Kitchen Scale
  •    Electronic Luggage / Utility Scale
  •   Customer Support SBU

An efficacious after sales service is as important as designing & manufacturing of the product. We offer effective and timely maintenance & calibration services that ensure the quality of our products to help keep the profit margins for our clients intact. At Eagle Scales, we believe in the concept of preventive rather than corrective action. 

Our team of competent and dedicated engineers offer quality after-sales services not just for our products, but also non-Eagle scales. Our complaint ratio is as low as 0.06 %, which is far better than the industry standard. From logistical inquiries, to parts replacement and technical service, our friendly and responsive customer service & technical support representatives are highly-trained to assist you perfectly through all your problems in a timely manner.


  •   Product Innovation

We believe that the pursuit of perfection never ends, and we can always be better today than we were yesterday. Innovation and quality start with traditional research and development but go beyond technology to fully understand customer needs. Design is a constant part of our processes & hence, we drive inspiration about from every possible source.

  •  Manufacturing Innovation 

Whether it’s streamlining the plant layout, consolidating footprints, increasing adaptation of advanced manufacturing techniques, or piloting new manufacturing technologies or delivery methods, we often undertake them. In this way, we reinforce innovation in every activity involved.

  •   Business Model Innovation

After studying the market and understanding its ever-changing demands, we have created a Business Model having three series in our product range. Our extensive products cater to the complete spectrum of niches as per the affordability and requirement of our customers. They are:



Core values are what supports the vision, shape the culture and reflect what we value. They are the essence of our identity -Core values help our decision making process.



Performance with integrity is a fundamental value that is the cornerstone of all our corporate values. Our success is built on sustaining an organizational culture committed to ethical and lawful behaviour. Our commitment to performance with integrity means complying with the applicable laws in the markets in which we operate and fostering a ‘do the right thing’ culture among our employees. We take care to partner only with like-minded people & organizations and act ethically and responsibly in our interaction with customers, distributors & dealers, employees, vendors and stakeholders.


We recognize that strong corporate governance and transparent reporting are key drivers of long-term sustainability.



We believe in making our valued customers the ‘Heroes’ of our progressive journey. The best marketing strategy is to ‘care’ for our consumers and surpass all of their expectations!


Eagle is a proud WEMA (Weighing Equipment Manufacturers Association) member which is a not-for-profit Company registered under section 8 of the Companies Act 2013,WEMA is a conglomerate of pioneer and leading manufacturers of Weighing equipment in India, with a global standing. WEMA represents collective voice and encourages feedback from various Regional Associations and Industries for the larger good of consumers, trade and fraternity.

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