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Wash Down Table Top Weighing Scale | Aqua Waterproof IP68 Series

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(Inclusive of Lead acid battery, Legal metrology stamping fees, Ready for commercial use and GST@18%)

AQUA is a convenient and reliable Waterproof Table Top Weighing Scale. Built with a stainless-steel housing that complies to IP68 waterproof design. This scale is totally waterproof, washable and easy is clean, making it a perfect choice for any environment where water and moisture are prevalent – meat packaging, poultry, fisheries etc. The super bright GREEN LED display ensures accuracy and easy visibility, even in dark settings, and its low profile makes loading and unloading objects faster and easier.

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1. Water/Dust and Wet Proof Design
The body which is made entirely of stainless-steel sheet is fully waterproof – it meets the standards of IP68 and is also washable. The encapsulated and sealed mechanism for PCB housing solves potential condensation in certain environments thus making it suitable for use in any marine product processing facility. The pan is also made of SS304.

2. Bright Display
AQUA has Super Bright GREEN LED display of size 22 mm in the front and 16 mm in the rear – even when the instrument is placed in a dark or low light environment, the bright LED displays the clear and exact weight.

3. Compact Design
The lowered overall height (130mm) improves the work efficiency by facilitating the loading/unloading of objects to and from the weighing tray.

4. Dual Power Sources
Operates on rechargeable battery that allow it to be operable anywhere. The AC power cord also enables it to be connected to a wall socket.
* Rechargeable Battery(DC6V,4.5Ah) for estimated backup for 10 to 12 hours of continuous usage (if battery is fully charged)
* Power saving function is there in the scale, which reduces the brightness of the LED when the scale is not used for a certain time (user settable)

5. Spirit Level Indicator
The spriti level indicator in the AQUA is placed in the front side and this helps the user to ensure the weighing scale is in perfect level. Maintaining level is important because the accuracy of the scale depends on the object being placed on a level surface.

6.Sealed front & rear circuit boards
This sealing is very useful when the scale is used in washable applications and this ensures a water tight protection to the electronic circuits in the weighing scale. So even if you wash the weighing scale, the water will not reach the electronic circuits.

7. Adaptor Storage Space
There is a storage space to wind the cable and store it the bottom side of the weighing scale when the scale is not in charge. Due to this, there are no worries about the cable hanging outside.

8. Different Operation Modes
This AQUA weighing scale is facilitated with Weighing, Piece Counting and Check Weighing functions.

9. SI Units – g, kg, lb, oz, pcs


Model Capacity Readability
Aqua 3 kg 1 g
Aqua 6 kg 1 g
Aqua 15 kg 1 g
Aqua 30 kg 1 g
  • Physical Dimension – 250 x 265 x 130 m
  • Net Weight – 4.5 kg approx.
  •  Weight Sensor – Aluminium Loadcell
  •  Input range of loadcell – 0 to 16 mV
  •  Internal Resolution – 6,00,000
  •  External Resolution – 1/1000 – 1/30000
  •  Keypad – 4 keys Display Type – 7 Segment 6 Digit Super Bright Green LED
  •  No. of Display Windows – Dual Display (Front & Rear)
  •  Front Display – Green LED 22 mm digit height
  •  Rear Display – Green LED 16 mm digit height
  •  Calibration Method – External Calibration
  •  Power Connector – European 2 pin power cord (1.5 m length)
  •  Power Supply – 110 to 230 V AC 50 Hz
  •  Operating Temperature – 0 deg to 40 deg
  •  Battery Capacity – 6 V 4.5 Ah lead acid battery
  •  SI Units – g,kg,lb,oz,pcs
  •  Communication Interface – RS232

  1. What are the variants available ?
    • Aqua table top is available only in LED (Green LED) variant with
    • Front and Rear Display.
  2. What is the digit height ?
    • Front Display Digit Height : 22 mm
    • Rear Display Digit Height : 16 mm
  3. What are the capacity ranges available ?
    • Below are the capacity ranges available
      • 3 kg x 1 g
      • 6 kg x 1 g
      • 15 kg x 1 g
      • 30 kg x 1 g
  4. What are the Interface ports available ?
    • RS232 port
  5. What are the devices that can be connected to the scale through RS232 ?
    • We can connect the Computer to the RS232 port for weight Transmission.
  6. What is the standard data/string format that can be received in the computer ?
    • 1.000= (If 1 kg is kept in the weighing scale)
  7. Can this scale operate with battery ?
    • Yes, this scale can be operated using lead acid battery (6V, 4.5Ah)
  8. What is the charging time & discharging time of the battery ?
    • Charging time for this scale is : 4 hrs
    • Discharging time for this scale is  : 10 hrs
  9. Can IQ, OQ, PQ DQ documents provided with Scale ?
    • Yes, we can provide IQ, OQ, PQ DQ documents on demand, if the customer is in need of these documents than please mention it in the sales order.
  10. Where this product can be recommended ?
    • Fishery & Seafood Markets, Food Processing Industries, Pharma and where ever washable application is there.
  11. Can we recommend this scale for washable applications ?
    • Yes we can recommend this scale for washable applications.
  12. What is the MOC of the Scale ?
    • SS304 top cabinet with ABS bottom.
  13. What is the MOC and Size of the Pan ?
    • The pan is made up of SS304 material and size is : 230 x 185 mm.
  14. What are the physical dimensions of the scale ?
    • The physical dimensions of the scale are : 250 x 265 x 130 mm.
  15. What are the accessories coming along with the scale?
    • 2 Pin European Power cord – 1.5 mtr cable length
    • Inbuilt Lead Acid Battery – 6V, 4.5Ah
    • User Manual – 1 No.
  16. What are the functions available in this Scale ?
    • Normal Weighing
    • Check Weighing
    • Piece Counting
  17. What are the SI units available?
    • The available SI units are : g, kg, lb, lb, oz, pcs.
  18. Whether unit conversion is available?
    • Yes unit conversion is available.
  19. What are the extra features available ?
    • Extra Features are as below :
      • This scale has inbuilt power cord storage facility
      • Waterproof sealed SMPS
      • Sealed front and rear circuit board for water protection
      • Level Adjustable legs
      • Super bright green LED front & rear display
      • Battery full & Low battery indications
      • Spirit level indicator
  20. Can we use this scale in immerse and high pressure and high temperature washable applications?
    • Yes


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