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A digital food scale is essential in every baker’s kitchen. However, with people moving towards healthy lifestyle with every passing minute, a food scale has found its use in regular kitchens now more than ever! They not just measure the exact quantity of your food intake but also help you follow a recipe to the T. But how do you know what features to look for when buying one? Here are a few guidelines you shouldn’toverloook:

  1. Accuracy: Your scale needs to show you the exact weight of your product. Be it a bowl of rice or a piece of meat. If your scale is not accurate, there is a wasted investment right there! 

Pro tip: Check the scale at the showroom before picking it up. The easiest thing to measure is a bar of chocolate! 

  1. Easy to use: A food scale should be able to let you switch from grams to ounces with ease. The controls should be comfortable and convenient to access. They also shouldn’t move your machine while you are trying to change the settings.

Pro tip: Pick the size of a food scale that will fit easily into your kitchen and not occupy space. Digital scales are the best, but always check their interface and accuracy beforehand!

  1. Legible: The display on the digital weighing machines should be clear, bold and legible. The display should also be well lit along with having a backlight that makes the digits even more clear.

Pro tip: Place a large bowl on the scale to see if you can still read the digits comfortably. The test is positive if the bowl doesn’t obscure the screen completely!

  1. Durable: A food scale should be easily plopped on the kitchen counter and still function perfectly. A food scale, no matter how small or big, should be solid and water-resistant. This helps when you have a piece of thawing meat that needs to be measured and cooked immediately.

Pro tip: Try wiggling the scale while on a surface to see if it still functions post that!

  1. Easy to clean: A good food scale should have an easy to wipe surface that gives you comfort while cleaning up. The scale shouldn’t have nooks and crannies that easily trap food residues and water. This, in turn, ends up spoiling your machine!

Pro tip: Test the scale by circling a paper around it and see if it gets stuck anywhere.

Choosing a dedicated and perfect food scale with these pointers will make sure your meals are perfect in quantity and recipe for years to come. Eaglescales makes the process of choosing your right kitchen partner easier with the wode-range of options in Kitchen Scales and premium quality products. Shop today!

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