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In an age and time where Apple watches to Fit bits give you your heart rate count every passing moment, tracking your fitness journey has become easy! But few know the advantages of tracking and the right way to record their dat-to-day health. Here’s why it is essential to get on board with tracking your fitness progress:

  1. You observe your behavior closely: A behavioral approach to health and fitness relies on objective measurement. We have devices easily available that let us observe our behavior in real-time. We see step counts and subsequent weightloss right away. Unless you open that app or jot down your weekly targets, you are not observing your behavior. In other words, you become more aware of how little you are moving, or how many calories you are consuming.
  2. You can detect changes when they occur: As you get into a routine of monitoring your practices, you will automatically notice a change if any. Often, you can remember what led you to meet your goal that day before. Or, in some cases, not meeting your goal. For instance, you all must have noticed a change in your fitness dedication during the quarantine.
  3. You can detect the amount of change: Numbers never lie! By routinely tracking your weight, health and fitness behavior, you will easily see day-to-day or even week-to-week changes in your behavior. One can actually sit and compare their data at the end or beginning of every month!
  4. You quickly identify which environment promotes your fitness health: For some people, the pandemic shutdown gave them more time to work on their health and fitness, resulting in higher exercise minutes and step counts. For others, the opportunity and environmental supports (e.g., gyms, workout equipment) were no longer available resulting in more nonoccurrence of their desired fitness behaviors. Thus monitoring your fitness success or process helps you identify the environments in which you feel motivated or demotivated!

A great way to keep a track of your fitness journey is by weighing yourself and seeing the results. Look no further, check out our digital weighing scale.

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