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Ever since the restaurants shut down, every home has turned into a mini version of a fine dining kitchen. Everyone is trying to recreate their favourite recipe and is busy searching the internet for the easiest and yummiest one. But have you ever wondered how the chocolate brownie that looked so delicious and spongy turned out to be a gooey mess in your first trial? High chances are you didn’t take care of the measurements.

Behind every perfect dish is an accurate measurement of the ingredients. So if you are not a certified chef or someone who cooks daily, missing out on the right proportions is a common mistake that can be easily fixed with the help of Kitchen Scales by Eagles.

These Kitchen Scales come in mechanical and digital variants to fit your requirement. EAgle kitchen scales can be used to measure accurate weights of fruits, vegetables, flour, as well as liquids.

The mechanical scale – This sturdy scale is ideal for weighing ingredients that are on a heavier side with a shallow tray to put them on to weigh. While the smaller model can weigh objects up to 5 kg, the bigger model can weigh up to 10 kgs.

The digital scale – Digital scales by Eaglescales come in a variety of sizes according to your measurement needs.

  1. EEK3004C is a sleek model that comes with a touch screen and a 4mm tempered glass platform. Equipped with a precise strain gauge sensor system, it has a weighing capacity of up to 10 kg. So you can weigh flour or even baking soda and watermelon as well with ease.
  2. EEK3002A is the slimmest model with just 1.3 cm thickness. It has a Stainless Steel Platform with a touch button to turn it on and weigh up to 5 kg.
  3. EEK3003A and EEK3005A come with a bowl to place your ingredients in for weighing. These scales are very handy when you want to measure liquids like water or milk for your recipes.

All the equipment manufactured by Eaglescales comes with a warranty and an excellent after-sales service. So which recipe do you want to try next?

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