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You’re working out, releasing those endorphins but there is a part of you that still isn’t satisfied? Or a part that feels that something is lacking and you aren’t getting where you want to be in life. Well, this is a common mistake that most people make. Just working out doesn’t make your life healthy. There are other factors attached to having a healthy mind, body and life. I’m sure you’re thinking
“Like what?”.
The answer is simple; “EAT THE RIGHT FOOD”.
That’s right! Just eating right can make a world of difference in your day-to-day dealing with stress.
But how do you eat right?

  1. Start by cutting out sugar in your diet. We aren’t talking about your once in a while craving for a pastry, but your everyday intake of sugar. Try a natural substitute like fruit or even jaggery to go with your tea/coffee. Keep your daily intake of natural sugar to just 50g or even better – 30g, and see the results for yourself! You’ll thank us when you don’t get the midday lethargy.
  2. Increase your water intake by a lot! Assign yourself a bottle that measures a litre. It’s a way of dedicating yourself to staying hydrated. Make sure to refill and empty that bottle at least for 3-4 rounds in a day. How does this help? Well, hydration keeps you light and reduces stress.
  3. Cut the carbs out at night. That’s right! No more bread for you. This isn’t such a bad thing; you just replace that slice of bread with veggies and sleep on a light stomach rather than a heavy one that keeps you up for long.
  4. Make sure to eat fresh! Buy from the source or even your local farmer’s market. They always have the best produce. Cook your meals at home and avoid the takeout that you rely on. No good has ever come from packaged food!
    These few simple steps not only make you feel light but also tend to declutter your mind to help you adapt to situations and stress better! To help you keep track of what you consume and in how much amount, use our accurate kitchen scales. Check out a range of compact and easy-to-use kitchen
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